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Trygve Johnson

Hinga-Boersma Dean of the Chapel
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Trygve (pronounced: “trig-vee”) Johnson is a pastor, theologian, writer, and preacher. He currently serves as the Hinga-Boersma Dean of the Chapel at Hope College. Trygve is ordained in the Reformed Church in America (RCA), preaches and lectures regularly in a variety of church and collegiate settings nationally. Trygve's first book, The Preacher as Liturgical Artist, has recently been released with Cascade Press.

"Trygve Johnson is an incredibly inventive preacher, theologically astute and biblically comprehensive. He has mined the books and vocabularies of the best artists, poets, theologians, and pastors who are our contemporaries in Kingdom work."

— Eugene Peterson

Always Keep Exploring!

Most of our lives are lived distracted, fatigued, and with a reduced vision of God. We want God to fit our predetermined assumptions or prepackaged desires. But a reduced vision of God leads to a reduced life. My mission is to help others give the Triune God a second look. I want to help others see and experience a living God whose Word is a daily invitation to explore the expansive geography of the Kingdom of God. This is the real world. A world where the wide-open country of salvation is always near. For as the last line of Bernanos’s Dairy of A Country Priest reminds us, “grace is everywhere.” So stay alert, and always keep exploring, for the woke God is inviting us to see the glory of a risen Son, “whose light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

Pastoral Thought of the Day

PTD: May 19, 2020

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May 19, 2020